Broken Fan, Causes, and How to Fix It

Your fan is broken? Of course, this makes you upset. Activities that are usually helped by the presence of fans, now become more troublesome. Fans are one of the electronic devices that are almost available in every home. In addition to the affordable price, the fan has a function as a room heat reliever.

You don’t have to take it to a fan serviceman. If the fan damage is not too severe, you should try to repair it yourself at home. Be it a standing fan, a hanging fan, or a box fan. Here are some ways to fix a broken or dead fan, which you can try at home.

Common fan damage:

  1. Total death, no reaction whatsoever
  2. Jammed, propellers difficult to move
  3. The propeller round is too slow
  4. Unable to go back and forth, the direction of the fan remains

How to fix a totally dead fan

  1. Check all fan cables using an AVO meter whether there is a broken cable or not.
  2. Check the switch with the AVO meter whether it can still deliver electricity properly.

Turn the Knob Selector AVO meter to the ohm meter, if the needle moves to a certain number or shows a certain ohm value means the cable or switch is still in good condition.

  1. The easiest way is to
    replace the capacitor with a new capacitor of the same size or it can be slightly larger. For example, from 1.2 to 1.5 micro.

How to know the capacitor is still good or damaged:

Turn the Knob Selector AVO meter to the ohm meter, then connect the measuring needle on each capacitor terminal.

How to read the results of capacitor measurements:
1. The multitester pointing needle moves from left to right and moments later the pointing needle returns to its original position, indicating that the capacitor is still good.
2. And if the multitester pointing needle moves from left to right but does not return to its original position, this indicates that the capacitor is no longer good (damaged).
3. If the multitester pointing needle does not move at all, try moving the position of the measuring needle from positive to negative or vice versa.
4. If the position you have turned but the measuring needle still does not move, this indicates that the capacitor has indeed been damaged
5. But if after the position of the measuring needle you turn and the multitester pointing needle moves from left to right and a few moments later the pointer needle returns again to its original position this indicates that the capacitor is still good.
  1. Check the dynamo of the electric motor.
    To repair an electric motor dynamo requires special skills. If you are not a person who knows very well for the repair of electric motor dynamos, you should leave it to your subscription serviceman.
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How to fix a soft rotating propeller fan

Fans that cannot rotate optimally as they should, are not powered and the propeller rotation is very slow, it usually occurs due to damage to the capacitor. In addition to capacitors, damage like this can also arise due to the rotor being worn or dirty.

Weakened Fan Capacitor

A fan that is stuck or spinning slowly can also occur due to a weakened fan capacitor. This happens because capacitors have changed in value due to long service life. Weak capacitors are characterized by the drying of electrolyte fluid on the bulging physical part. But sometimes this condition is not accompanied by a physical sign of a bloated capacitor.

How to check capacitors can be done by using an analog AVO meter can be done in the way above.
If the capacitor has been confirmed damaged, then replace the capacitor with a new one. Replace old capacitors with new ones of the same size such as 1.2μ 1.5μ, or 2 μ or with larger capacitors e.g. from 1.5 micros to 2 micros.

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Worn or Dirty Axle Rotor

The rotor ad is the part that is in front of the dynamo and serves to rotate the fan propeller. With a long enough use, there will be a buildup of dust and the loss of lubricant that attaches sticky ad with bearings.

To overcome it quite easily, clean dust and dirt and provide enough lubricant so that the ad rotates easily.

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